About Us


Delta Fashion and style Week is an open source youth-run organization focused on providing a platform for youths and designers in general who want exposure but do not have the finance for international shows, to explore their interest in fashion while showcasing their artistic talents. This is our first edition, we have challenged ourselves to make a positive international difference to help educate, showcase Delta and Nigerian fashion style and also build fashion homes in Delta State and Nigeria at large.



We believe that for creativity to grow there needs to be a platform that promotes, encourage and supports its growth. Delta Fashion and style week is a social enterprise that will provide a platform to help promote fashion brands through global visibility, distribution and manufacturing. The show itself will bring together hundreds of buyers, consumers and the media to view the current collections of indigenous Delta and Nigerian designers.


We have seen so many young people in Nigeria being able to lift themselves out of adverse situations and build sustainable livings for themselves and their families through fashion, and our main focus is on using fashion as an instrument of sustainability and of social change in our environment. Beyond the runway, the pioneering annual event will also provide a physical platform that will gradually restore fashion as a functional apparatus for commerce and innovativeness, whilst giving individuals a chance to be part of a learning and socially beneficial activity in support of our global community.